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 includes/dbconfig.php has not been edited!!. Correct and then restart install
 Edit the dbconfig.php file as per installation instructions;Make sure you remove the line near the top that says to remove it.Make sure you edit the database name,
 Cart empty, only occurs when adding a new domain to the cart.
 Set register_long_arrays to On in your php.ini file and restart web services.
 Whenever the user attempts to update cart, or payment, the page issues a page not found error.
 Check the memory_limit in your php.ini file. Recommended setting is 64M or higher.
 Im getting a server error 500 when I try to save admin/optionsadmin.php
 Check the logs (audit log), if you find an error such as this:[Mon Oct 16 14:16:43 2006] [error] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] mod_security: Access denied with code 500. Pattern match "" at POST_PAYLOAD [severity "
 cron error: /bin/sh: php: command not found
 Add your path to php at the beginning of the command.Example:/usr/local/bin/php -q -f /your/path/to/AWBS/tools/master_cron.php /your/path/to/AWBS
 License error
  Causes for AWBS license error:1. license.dat file not in place. 2. License expired.3. Database empty/install.php script not yet run.4. License expired or cancelled.5. Crons not scheduled or running
 Blank pages
  1. Corrupt files. Make sure you have uploaded the files in binary mode.2. Incompatable ioncube loaders. If your system has ioncube installed at system level, you can copy the loaders from the AWBS zip to the location your system has them installed
 I just installed AWBS on my windows server and all seems to work fine except that the default template (business) is missing all graphics ( they won't show up but the files are there) plus it seems the .css is not working.
  Remove the .htaccess files from the templates/business directory and the admin/template directory.Also verify that short_open_tag = On in the php.ini file.
 Your /tools/.htaccess file indicates that your /tools directory is not secured.
 Secure those directories as per the instructions in the manual.
 Can I change the currency?
 Yes, you can set any currency you desire. Only one currency is supported at this time. Your payment gateway/processor must accept the currency you configure.
 Zend Optimizer not installed error when crons run
  Site runs fine, crons error out saying Zend Optimizer not installed.If running Trustix OS, the problem may be a permission issue.At command prompt as root:chmod -R 755 /usr/local/Zend
 Fatal error: Unable to read 17659 bytes in /awbs/install/path/somefile.php on line 0
 There are corrupt files. Upload all files again in forced binary mode.
 I am getting segmentation faults and the website is not loading properly
 Edit the php.ini file, set register_long_arrays to On.Save changes and restart web services for the changes to take effect.
 Blank page on site, in error log I get this message: PHP Warning: Unexpected character in input: '\\' (ASCII=92) state=1 in /home/userdir/public_html/includes/tengine.class.php(35) : eval()'d code on line 3
 Edit the php.ini file, set magic_quotes_runtime to Off , save the file and restart web services.
 The user download page does not sort correctly
 mySQL version 4.1.21 has a bug in it. Upgrade mySQL to v4.1.22 and it will solve the problem.
 Site aliases not working
 Problem:Example: http://mydomain.com does not work, http://www.mydomain.com does.Parked domains also do not work.
 invoice_cron.php timing out on Helm IIS server
  Problem can be caused by IIS metabase timeout settings and not just php.ini execution time settings. You can edit the metabase setting using Meta Base Editor which is part of IIS Resource Toolkit and can
 When I go to the sysconfig.php page (configuration link), I get a blank page, then after that I get a license error on the website.
 Check your server date, it must be incorrect by more than 2 days. 
 None of the images display on the site
 Set short_open_tag to On in the php.ini file and restart web services.
 After enabling phpsuexec users can't login, and blank pages
 Make sure you have your session path set to a location that is writeable by all users.  You can also set where AWBS stores the session files by modifying the 'sessionpath' key to a location that is writeable by the
 Site error: the file /home/directory/public_html/anyfile.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_4.4.so to be installed by the site administrator.
 Verify you have the correct ioncube loader file in your system (if ioncube is installed at system level)This can also be caused by the extension_dir setting in the php.ini file being incorrect.Check the extension_dir setting in your php.
 Windows server, MySQL 5.x, can't save random configuration changes
 Disable strict_mode in your MySQL server. 
 Blank pages - all pages after install
 If in the error_log you see these errors:PHP Warning:  Unexpected character in input:  '\' (ASCII=92) state=1 in /home/userdir/public_html/includes/tengine.class.php(45) : eval()'d code on line 3PHP Par
 can't get to second screen of install script
 If you are running the install.php script an it keeps going back to the same page and not continuing, check your php.ini file.always_populate_raw_post_data = OnMake sure the above setting is set to a value of On.
 System Options page blank on AWBS version 2.9.3
 If you are running AWBS version 2.9.3 and you get a blank page on the System Options page of the configuration area and in your php error_log file you see this error:PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare build_modules() .....Please download
 Disable MySQL Strict Mode
 Once in the terminal session, open the MySQL configuration file up with your fav
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