Jun 22 2021 
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 I purchased from a reseller, where do I get support?
 You must obtain your direct support from the AWBS reseller you purchased from.You are free to use our online knowledgebase,┬ámanual and forum at any time, just ask your reseller for links and have your reseller submit your forum a
 What do I get with a support contract?
 With an active support contract you get helpdesk support and access to our download area for upgrades/patches, etc.Our forum is available to anyone with an AWBS license. We do not offer phone or email support. IM supp
 Will you handle my system requirements?
 No, server administration is not within the scope of our support personnel.We have a cpanel knowledgable server administrator on our staff, upon request we can setup your system requirements for a fee, which will be quoted as per the situation/n
 How do I renew my Support Contract?
  You can renew your contract from our [Services] page, or by clicking this link: [
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