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 How to get AWBS - I have DRAMS 4
  Create an account at www.awbs.com. Order the product of your choice using the 'Additional License' selection. Make sure you order using your DRAMS 4 licensed domain name. Then open a helpdesk ticket explaining that you are a DRAMS 4
 Blank pages
  1. Corrupt files. Make sure you have uploaded the files in binary mode.2. Incompatable ioncube loaders. If your system has ioncube installed at system level, you can copy the loaders from the AWBS zip to the location your system has them installed
 Multi version upgrade shortcut/tips
 ** ALWAYS, full backup before you start, site in maintenance mode. Take your db backup after you are in maintenance mode so that there is no new data after the backup before you start.Each version needs to be upgraded, no versions can be skipp
 What encryption type am I running?
  To see what encryption type you are running, view any of the encoded files using a file editor. There you will see encoded text but within it at the top area you will either see the word 'zend' or 'ioncube' somewhere. Whichever one you fin
 What version am I running?
 You can see your current version if you login to AWBS using your super admin login. On the admin home page you will find a box near the top of the page titled 'AWBS Information'. Look for 'Your version:' and you will see your version after that.
 Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://www.your_awbs_site/. Operation Aborted. Firefox works fine.
  This is a common problem if there is some html code problems in your templates.Most often it is in the top.php template file, or bottom.php. If you get the error on every page of the site, check top.php first. Lo
 Site aliases not working
 Problem:Example: http://mydomain.com does not work, http://www.mydomain.com does.Parked domains also do not work.
 After upgrading to version 2.3.3, the module setup page is blank
 Check your site's error logs. It should display which files are corrupt.If nothing is shown in the error log, go through the includes subdirectories and remove all ver.php files. Then obtain the latest full install zip and upload all the ver.php fil
 Since updating to 2.4.0/2.4.1 E-Mail is no longer being sent
  Some people have experienced this problem while others have not. Those that are, please check in your System Options to make sure your Mail setup is correct. Sometimes after the update this is being set to SMTP even though it was originally set for
 Site error: the file /home/directory/public_html/anyfile.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_4.4.so to be installed by the site administrator.
 Verify you have the correct ioncube loader file in your system (if ioncube is installed at system level)This can also be caused by the extension_dir setting in the php.ini file being incorrect.Check the extension_dir setting in your php.
 SQL ERROR-version 2.6.2
 After upgrading to AWBS version 2.6.2, the following mysql query error is shown in the recent history when the updtransfers.php cron runs.SQL ERROR-Query: SELECT active FROM module_types WHERE name='customreg' l
 Cart is always empty after moving database to new server
 Symptoms:Cart is empty when customer attempts to place order, login viewer of admin area does not show any logins.This is typically seen after moving the AWBS site to a new server or after restoring a backup database.Fix:Chec
 MySQL server has gone away
 PROBLEM:After upgrading MySQL to version 5.x, I'm now getting this error:The system has suffered an unrecoverable database error. Error (if any): MySQL server has gone awaySOLUTION: Increase the wait_timeout valu
 System Options page blank on AWBS version 2.9.3
 If you are running AWBS version 2.9.3 and you get a blank page on the System Options page of the configuration area and in your php error_log file you see this error:PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare build_modules() .....Please download
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