Jun 22 2021 
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 Possible Hijacking email
 This is a security warning which can be triggered by a few things:1. Someone is trying to manage a domain they do not own. (i.e. hi-jacking)2. A customer has used their browser's back button to go back and manage another do
 Allow zero amount in checkout
  In the AWBS configuration area, Extended System Configuration page, locate the allow_zero_checkout row and change the value to 1.For AWBS versions prior to v2.3.0,
 Invalid client IP: xx.xx.xx.xx
 If you get the invalid client IP error when testing your enom connection, running a domain order from the queue, or when managing a domain name on the site, you dont have API access to enom. Open a ticket at enom and ask for API access
 Your site says 2checkout recurring payment is partly supported. What does that mean?
  2checkout's recurring system does not send notifications so when a recurring payment comes to your 2checkout account you have to use the apply payment in the invoice manager of AWBS to apply the payment you received to the open invoice. (which marks it
 The outgoing email content is all on one line!
 You are sending ASCII (text) emails out as HTML mails. If you have not developed a full set of HTML emails, do this:1) Go to System Options and turn off the "Enable user select email type" option.2) Set your default mail type t
 invoice_cron.php timing out on Helm IIS server
  Problem can be caused by IIS metabase timeout settings and not just php.ini execution time settings. You can edit the metabase setting using Meta Base Editor which is part of IIS Resource Toolkit and can
 When I go to the sysconfig.php page (configuration link), I get a blank page, then after that I get a license error on the website.
 Check your server date, it must be incorrect by more than 2 days. 
 Taxes are not working!
  When placing an order taxes are not being calculated properly even though all the settings are correct.This is usually due to the fact that the AWBS admin accounts are automatically Tax exempt. If you create a normal user account and place
 When E-mailing a client, E-Mail popup does not open, mail does not send
 This is usually caused by one of the mailer files being corrupted.  Please reupload the following files making sure to use binary mode only:/admin/blank.php/admin/mailer.php/admin/template/premailer.php/includes/language/your
 Error in my_thread_global_end(): 2 threads didn't exit
 Running windows server and get the following error when trying to email a customer;Error in my_thread_global_end(): 2 threads didn't exitThis is a php bug, performing the following task usuaully clears up t
 Can I change a customer's username?
 No, the account username cannot be changed.What can be done is the customer can create a new account and then you can merge the old account to the new one. It will move all active packages, payment history, etc to the new account. It will NOT
 License error on the website each time Configuration page is accessed
 Check your server's date to ensure it is correct.
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