Jun 22 2021 
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 Invalid client IP: xx.xx.xx.xx
 If you get the invalid client IP error when testing your enom connection, running a domain order from the queue, or when managing a domain name on the site, you dont have API access to enom. Open a ticket at enom and ask for API access
 How do I restart a domain transfer if it has failed without charging the customer again?
 In AWBS, locate the domain name in the domain manager. Click the icon to the far right, which will pop up a window showing the transfer history for the domain name. Click the 'restart transfer' link at the bottom of that window to restart the tr
 How can I change the order of the TLD's dispalyed on the home page search box?
 Login as super admin. Click the configuration button. Click the TLD Setup/Pricing link.Use the 'pos' column to setup your tld order. Start at 0 and increase the numbers in order of preference.Note: All tlds with same
 How do I set up my enom test account?
  In order to test your enom account, you must sign up for an enom test account. To do this:1.) Login to http://www.enom.com with your account information.2.) Hover your mouse pointer over the "Resel
 nominet gpg: protection algorithm 1 (IDEA) is not supported
  Problem:When I run a queue job in debug mode using the nominet module I'm getting this error:gpg: protection algorithm 1 (IDEA) is not supportedResolution: Key is ge
 I deleted my whois server info, What are the default values for this?
  This is the default whois server list as of Version 2.3.3:TLD
 I didn't receive my Free eNom Reseller account
 If you purchased or leased your AWBS license from awbs.com, you received an email with information on how to get your free eNom account when your license order was filled. Please refer to your email for instructions.If you did not purchase or
 Invalid Domain Name or Nameserver
 This is an error message from eNom.Check the nameservers being passed in to make sure they are valid registered nameservers and that they have been submitted to the registry for the tld of the domain name you are attmpting t
 Command missing error with IRRP new registration
  ...Processing queue... Debug Mode: On Type: New Registration Domain: somedomain.com Years: 1 Registrar: irrp -------------------------------------------------------------
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