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 Blank pages
Solution 1. Corrupt files. Make sure you have uploaded the files in binary mode.
2. Incompatable ioncube loaders. If your system has ioncube installed at system level, you can copy the loaders from the AWBS zip to the location your system has them installed.
3. gzip compresssion - remark out this line in the php.ini:
output_handleer = ob_gzhandler
4. Files not owned by the correct user account, check your site's error logs to see if there are permission issues.
5. Blank pages can also be caused by parse errors or incorrect code in the language files.
6. Missing template files. Make sure your theme directory is existent and all files are there.
7. Parse errors in the dbconfig.php file. Make sure all is correct and there are no blank lines or spaces at the end of the dbconfig.php file.

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