If you are an Enom Reseller and have obtained your Enom reseller account from us, please use the awbs.com helpdesk system for all support matters. If you do not have an account at awbs.com, please contact the support department where you got your Enom account. If you don't know, please use our contact form.
Be sure to provide your enom account username and the nature of the problem in your ticket.

If you are a domain registrant and have registered your domain with one of our sub resellers, please follow this procedure;
  • First, ensure you have paid any due invoices with your domain provider. We will not assist you if you have not paid for services rendered.
  • Second, ensure you have made every attempt to gain assistance from your domain name provider. Be sure to utilize their proper support route (i.e. helpdesk or whatever support form is provided on their website) and have given ample time for a response.
  • Third, verify you are the owner of the domain name. A whois lookup will reflect the legal owner of a domain name, unless ID Protection is enabled. We will only deal with the legal owner of the domain name.
    All domain name ownership disputes must be handled via the Domain Dispute policy found at www.enom.com
  • Use our contact form and provide the following information;
    • The domain name(s)
    • The website where you purchased/registered the domain name(s)
    • Details on how and when you have attempted to contact the company where you purchased/registered the domain name.
    • Details on what the problem is or what type of assistance you need.
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