Advanced Webhost Billing System

Whether starting new or looking to expand your existing web hosting and/or domain registration business, the AWBS fully automated solutions and unique features will allow you achieve your goal with minimum effort and cost. With it's many built in features AWBS is truly an instant hosting company containing all the essential tools you will ever need to signup, bill, maintain and support your clients using a single interface.

Some key features of AWBS
  • Unlimited Clients / Unlimited Packages
  • PHP 7.x compatible
  • Mobile/pc friendly responsive design
  • GDPR compatiblility features
  • Non-branded client frontend (no AWBS branding)
  • Fully automated billing/invoicing
  • Cart based order system w/save /restore cart ability
  • Offer any 'other' items/services
  • SSL certificate sales
  • Complete user web interface
   Latest Release Info
May 21, 2021

AWBS v3.7.2 Released

Template improvements, bug fixes. Minor feature improvements. New Modules.

  • Cyber Panel Module
  • Vesta Panel Module
  • Crazy Domains Module
  • Change log

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    More Information

    AWBS Demo Sites

    Full Demo Site

    Version 3.x AWBS Online Demo Site

    Use the following to login;
    username: demo
    password: demo

    Be sure to click the 'Choose Demo Options' link to get a list of all themes and homepages that are available.

    Feel free to create an account, place orders, experience the system as your customers would.
    To check out the administrative area, you can login with username: demo and password: demo.
    Please note: The configuration (system setup) area is not accessible. This is necessary to keep the demo running smoothly.

    Sample Integration

    Sample Integration Site

    This is a sample of the current AWBS integrated into a simple hosting template. We took the header and footer from the free template and placed them in the "Integration" template of AWBS. We also did some minor css tweaking. This is a 2 hour integration and can obviously be expanded on given more development time.
    We just wanted to demonstrate how easily you can change the look and integrate with most any existing site.


    There are currently several template themes available free with AWBS. Fully customizable template themes can be used to produce your custom look as desired. See the online demo to test the themes.

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