• AWBS License Agreement

  • License Transfer Policy

    AWBS Licenses are non transferable. Only licenses purchased from awbs.com or an AWBS Authorized Reseller are valid.

  • License Move Policy

    If you wish to move your license from one AWBS Authorized Reseller to another, this qualifies as a License Move.
    The license move requires approval of both the reseller you purchased from and the AWBS staff. There will be a 20.00 license move fee. Prior to the move, you must purchase a one year support contract from the reseller you are moving the license TO.

  • Refund Policy

    We do not give refunds.

  • Support Contract/Services

    An active support contract will provide you with direct support via our helpdesk and access to our download area in order to obtain any upgrades/patches/utilities we may have available.

    The helpdesk is to be utilized by all direct customers who have an active support contract for assistance with any AWBS or other product sold on our site, any billing issues, account support and related questions. Clients are expected to have already checked our manual, knowledgebase and forum for already documented information and problems regarding AWBS installation, configuration, testing and administration before opening a helpdesk ticket.
    All Enom sub resellers should also use our helpdesk for Enom account support.

    Template customization and custom code issues are not handled by our helpdesk system unless one of our staff members has instructed you to use the helpdesk.
    If you have been through the manual and forum and are still in need of assistance, then please open a helpdesk ticket.

  • Reseller Info/Signup

    Once you have purchased your AWBS Hosting Edition license from awbs.com, you will then be eligible to signup as an Authorized Reseller. (This must be a purchased license, leases do not qualify.)
    Just click the 'Resell AWBS' button on the menu when logged in for the signup form. You will also have to complete and return the Reseller Agreement.
    Details and rules will be in the signup form online and in the Agreement.

    Resellers enjoy a 25% discount off retail prices for AWBS licenses.
    Resellers are required to supply secure downloads and support to their customers.

  • Documentation

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