Support Services 
Support Contract 
1 Year Support - includes free upgrades, patches, fixes for your AWBS version and helpdesk support services. This means you have access to the download area for a full year.

Support services do not include server administration, custom program mods or template customization.
Your Cost $35.00
Term One Time

AWBS Installation 
AWBS Installation includes file transfer, database creation, directory security, cron job configuration. eNom account, pay processor and paypal configuration if desired.

Please note: You are responsible for the system requirements. We will not handle server OS, PHP, cURL or other system requirements installation, recompile, or upgrades.
Your Cost $45.00
Term One Time

AWBS Upgrade Services 
DRAMS/AWBS upgrade services include file transfer, upgrading the database and basic testing.
You are responsible to merge in changes to custom templates and language files. We will advise you as to what you will need to do upon completion of the upgrade. You are responsible to have a complete backup before we start. Please enter the number of versions to be upgraded in the quantitly field in the cart.
Note: This price is per version.
Please enter number of versions in the cart
Your Cost $20.00
Term One Time

AWBS Upgrade and Support Contract 
AWBS staff will upgrade your AWBS site for you each time a new version is released. This plan includes support contract renewal for your AWBS license, a $35.00 savings!
Each AWBS Upgrade Plan is valid for one AWBS license/site.
We will merge english langauge changes, but are unable to translate other languages you may have setup. Basic template merging will be done, we will not recustomize if you have not use the global template system for customizing.
Note: This is a recurring package that you will need to cancel should you not want to auto-renew for another year.
Your Cost $120.00
Term Annually

Curl Install Cpanel Server 
Curl installation on Cpanel server.
Root SSH access required.
Your Cost $25.00
Term One Time

Curl Install Linux Server (Non-Cpanel) 
Curl Installation Linux Server (non cpanel)
Root SSH access required.
Your Cost $35.00
Term One Time

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