Jun 22 2021 
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 Licensed domain name or subdomain, what should I enter?
  Enter the domain or subdomain if applicable where you plan to install AWBS.Example1: you plan to install AWBS at; http://www.yourdomain.com and you have a secure web cert at: https://www.yourdomai
 What payment methods do you take?
 We accept visa, mastercard, american express, discover, paypal and USD money orders.
 Do you have a refugee discount?
 Yes. You can receive a 20% discount off the purchase of an AWBS Hosting Edition owned license purchased directly from awbs.com.You must email refugee[at]awbs.com with proof of ownership of any competitor's product to receive your
 I have my own payment gateway, can I integrate it?
  Most likely. It depends upon if your processor's gateway has an API or callback system. You will need programming skills and our devkit. To obtain the devkit, visit the AWBS download area wh
 Can I change the currency?
 Yes, you can set any currency you desire. Only one currency is supported at this time. Your payment gateway/processor must accept the currency you configure.
 I created an account and received a message that my account is pending, what should I do?
 Usually, our fraud detection system is quite accurate.If your account is pending, something in your information given while creating the account triggered the fraud detection system. If you entered someone else's informatio
 Your site says 2checkout recurring payment is partly supported. What does that mean?
  2checkout's recurring system does not send notifications so when a recurring payment comes to your 2checkout account you have to use the apply payment in the invoice manager of AWBS to apply the payment you received to the open invoice. (which marks it
 Can I translate AWBS to my language?
 The user web interface is translatable to your desired language. Language files are text based files for easy translation.The admin interface is not translatable and only comes in English.
 Can I remove your copyright from the site?
  Unlike many of our competitors, AWBS does not place any copyright on the user web interface, so you will never have our copyright showing to your customers.
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