Jun 22 2021 
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 Do you offer refunds?
  No.Once your order is filled and you have had access to download the product, you cannot get your money back.If you are unsure whether AWBS is right for you, then please order a free trial first or lease for a month.
 Can i switch my leased license to full owned license?
  Yes, you can. Simply open a helpdesk ticket in our support system and let the staff know you want a full license. They will invoice you for the full price minus one month lease payment and switch your license file.You will h
 I created an account and received a message that my account is pending, what should I do?
 Usually, our fraud detection system is quite accurate.If your account is pending, something in your information given while creating the account triggered the fraud detection system. If you entered someone else's informatio
 I used the account refill link to stock my awbs.com account, why is the credit pending?
 The first time an account is stocked, the credit will be pending. Our staff will activate it as soon as they can once they have reviewed the payment. After the first time you stock your account, our staff will usually set your ac
 How can I setup a sub account for my awbs.com account?
 Use the Sub Accounts link on your member home page to create sub accounts. Your sub account users will use your account username but the sub account password and hav
 Can I change my account username?
 No, too much information is based upon the username in the system. Changing the username would cause data corruption.
 I didn't receive my Free eNom Reseller account
 If you purchased or leased your AWBS license from awbs.com, you received an email with information on how to get your free eNom account when your license order was filled. Please refer to your email for instructions.If you did not purchase or
 How do I cancel services?
  If you wish to cancel your AWBS license monthly lease or any other recurring services with us, please open a helpdesk ticket asking to cancel the service(s) you wish to cancel. The cancel request must come prior to your due date, as credit cards are aut
 How can I remove or update my credit card on file?
 To change or remove your credit card on file:Login to your account at awbs.com, click the mag glass icon next to 'Update card'.A new window will open (pop up).Edit card info as desired and click the Submit CC Changes button to change you
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